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The house church is not the only model for worshipping together.  But it is the model that God has led us to.  It is a healthy and participatory expression of his Body; relational, authentic and experiential.  Our home church environment unfolds divine truth, nurturing relationships, and apostolic mission.  While growing in intimacy with one another and with Him, we are outwardly focused.


Classically and symphonically trained, clarinetist Carmine Campione spent 37 years as a member of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.  But when Carmine began playing for the Lord and allowing the Holy Spirit to play through him, those musical experiences have been among his greatest pleasures.  He believes something special happens when the Holy Spirit is allowed to conduct the worship.  Over the years Carmine has played under many of the world’s most outstanding conductors, but none holds a candle to the Holy Spirit.  Come and allow our worship to touch your hearts.


Karen Campione is a post and songwriter who loves to worship the Lord, to read and to declare God’s Word and to pray for others.  This has been her passion and focus for 25 years.  She also loves to dramatize prophetically and to minister to women.

John and Leigh are elders in the church and have been members of Agape since 1980.  They have two grown children, Becky and Jimmy.  They have a heart for Israel, the Jewish people and for ministering to teen and young adults.  They also enjoy bird watching and photography.


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